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Our Story

Hello movie fans!

We are the Given Family. We have always been entrepreneurial minded and we don’t seem to fear taking big risks that can better the lives of those in our community. Nearing the end of the year 2013, I saw on Facebook that the movie theater in Roanoke Rapids, NC was going to close it’s doors because the owner did not want to perform the upgrade from the 35mm equipment to the digital equipment, that eventually would be required to remain in the Movie Theater business. One day, as my husband and I drove past the cinema I told him what I saw on Facebook and turned to him and said, ”we can’t let that happen.” Blaine immediately turned the car around and said “let’s go talk to them.” We did, and in November of 2013 we closed on the purchase of Roanoke Cinemas. We had our fourth child, Bolton, only 10 days after taking over! When we took over, and still to this day, Blaine is the  owner of Given Insurance Agency in Roanoke Rapids. I was/am a stay at home Mom. I homeschool and teach dance at my mother-in-law’s studio and now we have become a theater owners and all of the responsibilities that come with that.


We didn’t have money just laying around to purchase a theater. We have fought very hard for everything we have today. We have pleaded with bankers, with no evidence in hand, that we could pull any of this off. Through prayer and faith, our Father in Heaven has helped guide us through and make miracles happen for us to be able to provide this to the communities we love dearly.


Over the last seven years we have invested over $1.5 million dollars in equipment and upgrades into RCE Roanoke Rapids. There is always more we want to do since we are big dreamers. One of our goals for 2018 was to add a second location to our theater business. In January of 2018, the owner S-Plaza shopping mall of Elizabeth City gave us a call. He told us he had seen what we had done with the theater in Roanoke Rapids and was hoping we could replicate that at the theater in his shopping mall. This theater had been operated by the same owners as the one in Roanoke Rapids and was in desperate need of repair and upgrades. 


In February of 2018, we signed a lease and took over operations of the theater in Elizabeth City. So another $1.5 million dollars later and we have since replaced all the seats, concession area, bathrooms, lobby, have built a new box office. Just recently on February 15th, 2020 (RCE Elizabeth City’s 2 year anniversary) we opened up 2 additional screens! 

We have been blessed to add our third location as of November 25th, 2020 in Henderson, NC. We are extremely excited about this new addition to the RCE Family. This location was built & opened by Dr. Michael Smith in 1991. Sadly Dr. Smith lost his battle with cancer in July of 2020. It is our great desire to continue the legacy that he created in the theater and in the Henderson community! 

We have an amazing way of looking at things and seeing what they can be and not what they are currently. This way of thinking has been extremely successful for our theater business. We strive to continue to grow our business, help bring affordable, quality entertainment to smaller cities and see where life takes us. 


To be continued....


  Janelle Given

    President, RCE Theaters

Here is a little look into our journey...

BEFORE - RoaNoke Rapids

Let's Get to work! 

 RoaNoke Rapids

AFTER - RoaNoke Rapids

BEFORE - Elizabeth City

Let's Get to work!

 Elizabeth City

AFTer - Elizabeth City

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